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How To Run A Phone Banking Operation

Just when you think the phone call was dead - the phone rings! Many of you out there are still interested in phone banking and while it isn't one of Ecanvasser's main services, we still ensure to try and fit each customers needs so here's how you can do it.

For a Phone Banking operation, invite team members to your campaign as normal, as outlined in the following article:

Inviting your Team to Join the Campaign


  • As Phone Banking is completed via the Ecanvasser Dashboard, ensure that you set the Permission Level for these Team Members as Campaign Staffer.

Next, you will want to create Groups to assign to your Phone Bankers. Remember you can create a group from the People page or the Map page.


  • Remember, your Groups need only be as segmented as you require, so if you want to only ring people who were undecided about your candidate you can do this.

Phone Banking in Action

Your Campaign Staffers can now access their daily/weekly calls to be made via the Filter on the People tab. They may Canvass most rapidly by use of the available Quick Icons, or select an entry to review all available data on a household in full.
Broader information on available options at the moment can be reviewed at Canvassing from the People tab.

If you are more interested in using Voice and SMS services, we recently reviewed, check it out here for more detail.

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