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Political Canvassing: Here's Why You Should Answer Your Door

Canvassing Politics

Talking politics at the dinner table is considered taboo - "a sure-fire way to start an argument" I've been told - not that it stops me.

Why not talk about elections, laws, and governance, it affects us all, right? It's no secret Ecanvasser is in the game of politics, more specifically, the game of canvassing. Chatting at the door and interacting on the street is our bread and butter.
canvassing politics In recent weeks, I have seen an increase in the negativity surrounding the practice of political canvassing on social media. People labeling canvassers as 'home invaders' or warning them 'not to dare knock on their door'. This resistance is strange to me, when engaging in discussion only seeks to benefit those taking part. If you are uninterested or pessimistic, then so be it, but why not tell your representative rather than sit behind your computer screen lobbying for people to bolt their doors and unleash their pitbulls.

Canvassing isn't a modern day invention, it isn't intrusive and it isn't even specifically political, what it is, however, is a solution. It allows a personal connection to form between people and those seeking to represent, after all, all politics is inherently local.

I read recently that Donald Trump isn't a fan of data, choosing to believe instead that it is overrated. He thinks that people will vote for him for who he is (risky) and not because he'd knock on their door. I, for one, would like to see Trump knock on my door, open a platform for discussion rather than trying to cut through the noise at one of his boisterous rallies.

canvassing politics

In the end, you can hide behind the media, even get completely taken over by it, but political canvassing is what truly matters. Even if you're defeated, people always remember someone who took to the campaign trail. So today, I invite you to answer your door to the canvasser and give them 5 minutes of your time, you'd never know what could happen.

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